Twitter Threads

I love Twitter threads as a form: they’re simpler and much easier to write than an essay (though I write those, too!) while also being capable of enough complexity to be not entirely facile. So I post threads frequently. But Twitter is also ephemeral by nature, so older threads simply become lost in time.

On this page I catalogue some as an archive. I’ve grouped them into, essentially, the two broad subjects I talk about the most: speculative fiction and Sri Lanka.

Each tweet shown below opens a thread, usually a long one. You can click on them to see the whole thread.

On speculative fiction

On the Writers of the Future contest and the Church of Scientology. Tl;dr, I’m against it.

Some notes on rejections and why writers shouldn’t fear them.

Very brief thread on, apparently, a very widespread experience.

Some notes on Love, Death, and Robots, mostly made of me linking up various other articles and commentary.

On Frederick Pohl’s International Science Fiction and its only South Asian contributor.

On kipling.

In which I wrote a very long fanfic thread about how I would have written Season 8 of Game of Thrones.

On Sri Lanka

This is actually the thread in its entirety, but I just wanted to archive this amazing and horrifying fact.

On what lies beneath—and really, not so far beneath—some superficially positive rhetoric.

On putting race, racism, and bigotry in the correct causal order.

On the trumped-up arrest of the writer Shakthika Sathkumara.

On the May 2019 anti-Muslim riots.

On Gnanasara’s presidential pardon.

Direct follow-up to the previous thread: on impunity for Buddhist monks and how the law becomes distorted around Buddhist concerns, such as the ongoing detention of Sathkumara.

On the burqa/niqab ban, and how it’s actually working in the real world.

On how I feel about Buddhism, on how “Buddhism as a philosophy/way-of-life not a religion” arguments are not actually helping, and on what I’m calling the Three Aspects of Buddhist Violence.

On the Athuruliye Rathana hunger strike in June 2019.

On imperial thefts, measurements, classifications, and zoos (human and otherwise) and on the perpetuation of that imperial ideology in the form of postcolonial, contemporary nationalism.