I’m a writer from Colombo, Sri Lanka. I’ve published over fifty short stories so far, as well as essays and occasional poetry. My debut novel The Saint of Bright Doors is forthcoming from Tordotcom Publishing in early 2023, as the first standalone in a three-book deal.

I’m represented by Michael Curry at DMLA. My press kit page has bios and photos.

Other projects: I’m a fiction editor at Strange Horizons. This year, I’m co-judging the Dream Foundry Writing Contest for beginning writers—if that sounds like you, do check the guidelines and send something in before October 11th!

I’m moderately active on Twitter, infrequently pictures of nearby animals to Instagram, track my reading at Goodreads, and have a Patreon.

The header image above is an 1518 engraving, Allegory of Death and Fame, by Agostino Veneziano.

Short fiction Highlights

Some of my own favourites: PeristalsisThe Translator, at Low TideRedderThe BombardierOn the Origin of SpecieRunning the GulletDocumentaryApologiaHalf-Eaten CitiesHeron of EarthApplied Cenotaphics of the Long, Long LongitudesThe Rud YardOn Being Undone By A Light Breeze.


Some of the magazines and anthologies I’ve been in; you can click to embiggen, and get a link to my story if it’s available online (or see the Publications page for a list.)