Twitter Threads

I love Twitter threads as a form: they’re simpler and much easier to write than an essay (though I write those, too!) while also being capable of enough complexity to be not entirely facile. So I post threads frequently. But Twitter is also ephemeral by nature, so older threads simply become lost in time.

On this page I catalogue some as an archive. I’ve grouped them into the two broad subjects I talk about the most: speculative fiction and Sri Lanka.

Speculative fiction and related subjects: on Writers of the Future (WOTF), the Church of Scientology, and science fiction // some notes on rejections and why writers shouldn’t fear them // on the writer’s stages of doubt // some notes on Love, Death, and Robots, mostly made of me linking up various other articles and commentary // on Frederick Pohl’s International Science Fiction and its only South Asian contributor // on kipling // a very long fanfic thread on how I would have written Season 8 of Game of Thrones // on the Chauvet cave and the bear invasion.

Sri Lanka and related subjects: on petitions // on what lies beneath the “terrorism has no religion” slogan // on putting race, racism, and bigotry in the correct causal order // on the trumped-up arrest of the writer Shakthika Sathkumara // on the May 2019 anti-Muslim riots // on Gnanasara’s presidential pardon // on impunity for Buddhist monks and how the law becomes distorted around Buddhist concerns, such as the ongoing detention of Sathkumara // on Emergency Regulation 32A and the burqa/hijab ban // on how I personally feel about Buddhism and on what I’m calling the Three Aspects of Buddhist Violence // on Athuruliye Rathana’s June 2019 hunger strike // on imperial thefts, measurements, classifications, and zoos (human and otherwise) and on the perpetuation of that imperial ideology in the form of postcolonial, contemporary nationalism // on the Muhudu Maha Viharaya statues // on Deegoda Kumara’s murderous Buddhist faith healing cult // on the misogyny against and racism of women monks in Sri Lankan Theravada // on Gota’s “release the imprisoned war heroes” rhetoric and responses to it // on Malaka Dewapriya being questioned about his allegedly anti-Buddhist radio play titles // on the surveillance recommendations of the PSC report on the Easter bombings // on Ananda Coomaraswamy featuring as a character in an Aleister Crowley short story // on Rumi, Coleman Barks, Milinda Moragoda, and modernity // on Sumith Champika Perera’s post-2019 election turnaround on the Thajudeen murder case.